One local delicacy that kept surfacing among the litany of dining recommendations that I received for Oxford was a late night delight know as “chicken on a stick” at the Chevron Station. Specifically, the Chevron station on the corner of University and Lamar (adjacent to the “square”) was known to dish out these deep fried delicacies to throngs of hungry students after a long night of imbibing.

As you know, if it’s one thing I love, it’s dining anywhere within visible distance of a gas station and, wherever possible, actually on premise.


If there’s another thing I love, it’s any cuisine option that comes on a stick or with its own built in handle (pork chops on stick, turkey legs, 22oz bone-in ribeyes – whatever).

The Chevron chicken satisfied both of those requirements, so I popped in for a late night treat before the ride back to the hotel. The chicken was surprisingly hefty; one of these sticks was loaded with roughly 8-12 ounces of batter fried goodness. The bird itself was crispy, salty, greasily delicious and certainly convenient. I propped myself against the Jetta in the parking lot and gnawed away at the chicken stick while surveying the costumed Halloween party goers staggering along the sidewalk.

After a hard night against the rail I would gladly double fist a couple of these chicken sticks, and from what I hear it’s not uncommon to see a line thirty people deep waiting for them at the Chevron after the lights go on.

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