Aug 29th: @ Vanderbilt (Ole Miss)
Aug 31st: @ Cincinnati (Purdue)
Sept 19th @ NC State (Clemson)
Sept 21st @ Virginia (VMI)
Sept 26th: @ Georgia Tech (Virginia Tech)
Sept 28th: @ Georgia (LSU)
October 5th: @ Cowboy Stadium (ND vs ASU)
October 12th: @ Ole Miss (Texas A&M)
October 19th: @ Tennessee (South Carolina)
October 26th: @ Oregon (UCLA)
November 2nd: @ Boston College (Virginia Tech)
November 8th: @ New Mexico (Air Force)
November 9th: @ New Mexico State (Boston College)
November 14th: @ Clemson (Georgia Tech)
November 16th: @ South Carolina (Florida)
November 19th: @ Ohio (Kent State)
November 20th: @ Toledo (Northern Illinois)
November 23rd: @ LSU (Texas A&M)
November 26th: @ Northern Illinois (West Michigan)
November 29th: @ Central Michigan (East Michigan)
November 30th: @ Michigan State (Minnesota)

Total Miles Traveled: 21,942
Total Attendance: 1,052,468
Total Games: 21

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