There are precious few things that I like to wake up at 6:30 in the morning for.There are even fewer that don’t involve massive piles of eggs and generous slabs of bacon.And despite my undying devotion to it, BBQ isn’t on that exclusive list of things I routinely wake up at sunrise for.Snow’s BBQ in Lexington, TX shattered all of that.
For those of you unaware, Snow’s BBQ was recently rated the #1 BBQ joint in Texas by Texas Monthly Magazine.In this upset for the ages, Snow’s usurped such perennial favorites as Kreuz Market and Smitty’s Market in Lockhart, long considered the stalwarts of true Texas cue’.
Adding to the lore of Snow’s, the place is only open on Saturday’s, and they typically sell out of food before 10am.As if that weren’t enough, Lexington is about 60 miles from anywhere you might be inclined to visit.As such, any visit to Snow’s requires some dedication to BBQ, and can be considered a venerable notch on the belt of any BBQ aficionado.



I’m here to tell you first hand, this is the best brisket I have ever had in my life.Period.

Many other BBQ websites can do a far better job of going into excruciating detail explaining why.Brisket can be the most difficult of meats to smoke properly and consistently. This brisket stands above the rest because every single piece is uniformly perfect.Suffice to say, this brisket is otherworldly out of the smoker, and was still amazing eaten as a leftover, 5 hours later and cold.It is that good.



Of course both their ribs and local homemade sausage are first class as well, and on par with anything you will find at the traditional BBQ powerhouses. But if you only had stomach space for one protein here, the brisket is a runaway winner.



Here we are with Tootsie herself, the 70 year old pitmaster who has been smoking some of the best BBQ in Texas for almost 50 years.



I’ve eaten more than my fair share of BBQ in Texas, so trust me when I say it’s worth your time and effort to get to Snow’s, and I would happily roll out of bed at the crack of dawn to join you.

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