If it’s one thing I love about driving in Texas, it’s getting off the highway and discovering some of the unique gems Texas has to offer along pristine ribbons of alluring backroads. On the way out to Odessa, we had to make one such detour to satisfy a sweet tooth or two.

Let me tell you straight up: If you are ever driving out to West Texas, take a detour, and stop in Dublin, Texas to go to Dublin Dr. Pepper.Dublin Dr. Pepper is one of the original Dr. Pepper bottling plants, and they still make it the original way: with cane sugar, and I believe they are the only place remaining that does so.


Of course, the highlight of any trip to Dublin Dr. Pepper is a rather unassuming choice on the yellowed backlit menu board:the Dr. Pepper Shake.While I’m not really a soda drinker (at all) I do consider myself something of a milkshake enthusiast.This delightful concoction is well worth a sample, and could be considered a uniquely Texas experience.

The Dr. Pepper shake is really quite simple, basically a milkshake made with Dr. Pepper Syrup (instead of Chocolate) and a couple scoops of Blue Bell vanilla Ice Cream.After gleefully asking for a custom made medium size shake (they normally only come in small), I spent the next 30 miles blissfully slurping away in cool, creamy, sugar heaven.

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