Like any good college town worth its salt, Madison has no shortage of pizza shops willing to satisfy the hunger of the late night post close crowd.Considering the 40,000+ dedicated scholars attending the Badger Institute of Higher Learning, having a handful of vendors of this timeless college mainstay are a must.And given the fickle nature of your average non committal college coed, having pizza available by the slice is a prerequisite.
But ask any hoodie clad intellectual where to find landmark pies amidst the bustle of legendary State Street, and they will surely point a pudgy finger or two in the direction of Ian’s Pizza.Ian’s is the staple among Madison pizza joints, and if their line at 2am is any indication, it’s a slice worth waiting over a half hour for.

Although I was eager to sample Ian’s, long lines and I have never been on speaking terms.As such, I sauntered into Ian’s for a quick bite to eat before we hit the town for a night of fishbowls and cheap swill.From among the dozens of selections enticingly tucked beneath the display cases, I settled on a familiar buffalo chicken, and a not so familiar “macaroni and cheese” slice.My enthusiasm was slightly tempered after I had to fork over seven bucks to the cashier; evidently dairy prices are suffering inflationary pressures in the CheeseState.
The pizza is straightforward and unpretentious.The buffalo chicken was traditional, and satisfying despite the gobs of bleu cheese (which is a personal distaste of mine).The macaroni and cheese, however, was an especially refreshing departure from the norm.The addition of mac n’ cheese adds another layer of gooey goodness to the slice.With the added texture of mealy noodles and another welcome layer of cheese (can you really ever have too much cheese?) the mac n’ cheese slice was an indulgent spin on regular pizza.It’s famous at Ian’s for a reason, and I highly endorse it.

Ian’s is the place to go in Madison if you are looking for a unique slice or two, and especially when you get that 2am hankering for a satisfying snack after a hard night of studying….
Just be sure to try the mac and cheese….

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