During Thanksgiving weekend in Ann Arbor, I opted instead for a trip over to East Lansing to see one of the few remaining Big 10 schools that I have left on my travels: Michigan State.  With a conference game against Minnesota to finish out their regular season, the Spartans were only a couple of wins away from a trip to the Rose Bowl, or, given their lone defeat on the season, perhaps even more.  They made things more interesting than they needed to be against an opponent like the Gophers, however, slinking away with a narrow 14-3 win on the strength of their noted stingy defense.  After the game we walked the nice campus grounds of MSU across the banks of the Red Cedar River before grabbing a thick burger and a few pints at the landmark Crunchy’s Pub.  We then chased the burger with a few scoops of ice cream from the Michigan State Dairy Store, an on campus dairy that features their own ice cream and cheeses.   East Lansing is definitely a place I’d like to return to, especially as they continue their recent dominance in the Big 10.

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IMG_1174  IMG_1176IMG_1183

Spartan Stadium Wide


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