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North Carolina vs Georgia Tech – Tarheels take the sting out of the Yellow Jackets…

Shortly after my afternoon contest up the road at Duke, I speed out of Durham and make my way down the road towards Chapel Hill. I’ve got a night game at North Carolina to attend to, but before I head into Tarheel country I’ve got an appetite for barbecue. Fortunately, one of the holy shrines of North Carolina BBQ occupies a dusty stretch of County Road 86 on the way into town and my little Hyundai rental car begrudgingly obliged when I yanked the emergency brake, skidding into the gravel parking lot in a heap of dust.

Founded in 1970, Allen & Son BBQ is a member of the BBQ royal family in North Carolina, a state that claims to have invented the practice of barbecue. Tucked off a side road under the shade of a few massive oaks, the clapboard shack is every bit the icon of a ramshackle country BBQ stand. A faded Pepsi sign hangs off a rusty pole to the side, the words “Allen & Son” barely legible from years of hot southern sun. Inside, an impressive collection of deer mounts hang from the walls, and the waitress quickly greets me with a pitcher of ice cold sweet tea, setting the ice cold mug down on the green and white checkered table cloths. If you had to paint a picture of the perfect southern barbecue setting, Allen & Son would be exactly what you’d aspire to.

IMG_2317 IMG_2318

Until your food arrives.

I should have been tipped off when the aroma of smoke was decidedly absent from the whole joint and they didn’t offer any kind of sample or combo plate, instead forcing me to order two full entrees of chopped pork and ribs each. From living in the shadow of Chapel Hill for a summer, I order my pork with a generous helping of “outside brown” the delightful crusty, flavorful bits forged after hours in the smoker. But when the cheerful waitress sets my food down, dismay quickly settles in at what sits before me. The ribs, if you can still distinguish them as such, are an overcooked pile of mush on a plate, heavily doused in sauce thats a not to distant cousin of ketchup. The chopped pork fares no better. The “outside brown” are inedible chunks of crust that taste as though charred on a grill, absent any of the sweet hickory smoke found in the Carolina style. I dig through into a few of the moister morsel of pork below, but even those taste straight out of a crock pot, nary a hint of smoke to be found anywhere. Adding insult to my already emotionally scarred taste buds, the check comes in at a hefty thirty bucks, no small price for one of the bigger disappointments I’ve ever encountered.

IMG_2325 IMG_2324

Readers familiar with the blog know that I normally do my best to put a positive spin on just about any BBQ experience, but in the case of Allen & Son, order no further than the hush puppies.

Dejected from the meal, I peel out of the gravel parking lot and cruise the final few minutes into downtown Chapel Hill, determined to take my frustrations out haggling with an unwitting scalper. I find free parking on a small side street, bypassing the pricey garages along Franklin Street -the main artery of the North Carolina campus. Lined with ample bars and restaurants, the sidewalks are alive with game day revelers who slowly start spilling out of the pubs along Franklin on their way towards Kenan Memorial Stadium. I fall into the throngs of Carolina Blue shirts heading that direction, stopping every block or so to price the market from the scalpers located at each main intersection, and the market looks to be about half face value for the evening.

On the way towards Kenan, I detour off the street and bisect the North Carolina campus, walking through winding paths in the lush grass shaded by a canopy of oaks hanging overhead. I take a sip at the “Old Well” along the way, the icon of UNC. A neoclassical rotunda in the center of campus, the Old Well was once the primary water source for the university at the turn of the 20th century, while today it’s primarily a photo op for campus visitors and the emblematic symbol of the school. A few feet further down the brick path, the North Carolina marching band belts out brassy, pre game notes on the steps of the Wilson Library, while hundreds of Carolina Blue clad faithful look on. It’s here I finally strike a bargain on a ticket, a choice fifty yard line seat only six rows from the field for twenty five dollars – about half face value. Further proof that one need never pay sticker price for a ticket to all but the biggest games…

IMG_2327 IMG_2333IMG_2330 IMG_2336

As the sun starts to dip, I pass by the Morehead Patterson Bell Tower jutting into the few remaining minutes of a Carolina blue sky. Rising 172 feet at it’s peak, the brick tower is surrounded by a formal arrangement of hedges and lawn, a few official UNC hospitality tents spread out on the prime real estate below. Entering Kenan Memorial a few feet away, a black and white picture of famed football alum Lawrence Taylor greets me at the entrance, and I wind around the sprawling concourse towards my section. Descending into the aluminum bench seats, it’s quickly evident that with the sight lines at Kenan being this close to the field is more curse than blessing. The lowest rows of seating sit lower than the playing surface, and I crane to peer over the players during warmups. The crown of the field, coupled with the players standing on the edge of it, make it nearly impossible to see the action.


IMG_2342 IMG_2343

But the action that follows is fantastic, and I settle into a second barn burner of the day. For four quarters, the two ACC foes battle it out, trading the lead six times over the course of the game. One one side, the Georgia Tech option attack grinds the North Carolina defense into the pink accented bermuda grass (in honor of breast cancer awareness night). The Yellow Jackets rack up 376 yards of rushing in the process, a relentless attack that finally pays dividends late in the fourth quarter when tailback Deandre Smelter breaks a 75 yard run to take the lead. The gritty Yellow Jackets play tough, physical football for all four quarters.

IMG_2348 IMG_2349 IMG_2354 IMG_2355

But the Tarheels have an answer each time. Dual threat quarterback Marquise Williams leads the charge, using his athleticism to fire four touchdowns on the night and rush for another. HIs final drive, however, proves the capstone on his huge night. He marches the Heels down the field on a 12 play, 75 yard drive, completing 6 of 7 passes while chewing the remaining three minutes off the clock. Finally, with nine ticks left on the clock, Carolina tailback T.J. Logan punches in the game winning touchdown on a two yard run and the heels walk away with an electric 48-43 win.

IMG_2356 IMG_2358

Between the barnburner at Duke, and the last minute touchdown drive at North Carolina, I definitely got my moneys worth of football on this Saturday. Exhausted from the full day of pigskin, I muster the energy to trot over to the Top of the Hill pub on bustling Franklin Street – there’s still time to catch the second half of the epic Florida State vs Notre Dame game – if my heart can still take the excitement…


Full gallery below:

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Duke vs Virginia – Blue Devils whoop the Wahoos in Wallace Wade…

Another weekend, another doubleheader. Given the logistical challenges of my new environs in the Northeast, I have to take advantage of every flight to maximize opportunities to explore the college football landscape. So when two weeks ago the game times were announced for an afternoon Duke game followed by a North Carolina night tilt, I scrambled my calendar to take advantage of a rare doubleheader along Tobacco Road. With only fifteen miles separating Durham from Chapel Hill, the two schools are one of the preeminent destinations in the country for hoop heads, but I’d gladly settle for a few ACC pigskin match ups in mid fall.

I rise early on Saturday to a perfect crisp day overhead, the forecast bodes a clear fall afternoon for football. The first order of business is to scope out one of the well regarded breakfast haunts in Chapel Hill known as Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen. Dishing out epic breakfast biscuits for over three decades, owner Barry Campbell borrowed the recipe from his grandmother to start the little shack. The Chapel Hill location is drive thru only, and a continuous flow of cars backs five deep waiting to order at the tiny window. They churn through cars efficiently though, and I order up their signature fried chicken, egg and cheese biscuit after the order girl points it out as the best seller. Tossing in an order for a ham and egg biscuit as well, my entire order checks out at around nine dollars and I retreat to the adjacent parking lot for a feast on the trunk of my rental Kia. True to reputation, the biscuits are pillowy and soft, yet light. The hefty chicken biscuit is a best seller for a reason, completely overshadowing its porcine brethren, and I’d happily order a pair of them the next time around.

IMG_2275 IMG_2277

Loaded up for the morning, I finish the easy drive over to the Duke, where I’m corralled into a ten dollar lot to park. The sprawling Duke campus is carved into a few hundred acres of piney woods, and thusly void of any real sides streets or public access of any kind, which thwarts my usual free side street parking.

It’s an easy walk over the the Duke campus, easily among the most picturesque in the country despite being beset by construction and cranes on the day of my visit. The Chapel is the centerpiece of the lush green central quad, a 210ft. soaring Gothic masterpiece faced with Bluestone, a local material quarried from nearby Hillsborough, North Carolina. While the chapel certainly impresses, it’s not the building I’m here to see.

IMG_2281 IMG_2279

The building I’m most interested in, actually, is the Von Der Heyden Pavilion which lies tucked discreetly into the courtyard formed by the central William R. Perkins library on campus. The Pavilion, a small, unobtrusive, glass box – somewhat of a contrast to the heavy stone facades found throughout campus – was a building that I designed during my days as an architect. As my sole commission before joining the ranks of corporate america, I spend nearly an hour reminiscing inside something that I designed. Admiring the rolled steel gothic arches, a contemporary spin on the lines found throughout campus, the building is still standing after ten years. In fact, it has aged quite well, and the expansive glass and natural light beckons students into the space even on a football Saturday morning. Evidently, I was doing something right as an architect once upon a time…

IMG_2283 IMG_2284 IMG_2286 IMG_2287

Nostalgia complete, I make my way towards Wallace Wade stadium as the noon kickoff approaches. A few blue tents are set up in the parking lots as I pass by the hallowed halls of Cameron Indoor Stadium, home of Duke basketball. Raising a lone finger in the air, I quickly locate a $20 seat on the 30 yard line, a bargain compared to the forty dollar seats the box office is hawking. Carved into a hillside on campus, Wallace Wade is a low slung, understated venue, where even the press box is overshadowed in height by nearby trees. Despite the smaller dimensions, the bleachers feel distant from the action, as a track encircles the gridiron creating a wide chasm between the stands and the field (The University of Washington shares a similar drawback, but their aluminum roof overhang helps amplify the crowd noise onto the field) . This distance, coupled with the low angles of the seats, make it hard to generate any intimidating crowd noise in the horseshoe – although, despite their recent success, historically the Duke football program has offered little for fans to get very excited about.


As the game kicks off, the Blue Devils jump out to an early onslaught. marching 62 yards down the field into the end zone to open the scoring. They follow the quick touchdown up with a field goal to start the second quarter, and, jumping out to a 10-0 lead, it portends a blowout for the visiting Cavaliers. But the Wahoos battle back in the second frame with a touchdown and field goal of their own, knotting the score at 10 apiece for halftime. Despite the two middling ACC squads on the field, we have a game on our hands folks.

IMG_2295 IMG_2300 IMG_2303 IMG_2304

The second half proves to be a back and forth defensive battle, as both offenses anemically struggle to move the ball and they claw and scratch for inches of field position on each successive drive. Far from the snooze fest that I expected, the battle turns into a nail biter as the ACC squads muddle into the third quarter tied at 13. Finally, deep into the 4th quarter the Duke offense finds a glimmer of momentum. They march 65 yards down the field on 9 plays. The drive is eventually punctuated by backup quarterback Thomas Sirk, who flips an easy three yard touchdown completion – his only passing attempt on the day – to wide receiver David Reeves as the Blue Devils assume a 7 point lead. Their exhausted defense manages to hold off the final few drives by Virginia, and Duke skates away winners in Wallace Wade by a final of 20-13.

IMG_2305 IMG_2307 IMG_2308  IMG_2313

After the final whistle, I trot quickly back to the parking lot, I’ve got a night cap to get to at North Carolina Chapel Hill, and there’s some barbecue on the menu in between….

IMG_2312 IMG_2302

Full Clickthrough Gallery Below:

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Syracuse vs Louisville – Orangemen plucked by the Cardinals…

Mid morning on Friday, as the fall colors of October are ushered in, I’m behind the wheel for an Empire State doubleheader. My father is in the passenger seat beside me, tagging along for our annual father son trip into the colorful world of College Football. After trips to a couple of SEC hotbeds the last couple of years, we’d decided to stay local this year. A few months ago we locked a doubleheader at Syracuse and Army on the calendar, easy half day drives from the confines of his home in Western Massachusetts.

We take the milk run from Massachusetts into New York, traversing the winding mountain curves of Route 2 through the Berkshire Mountains. Climbing through narrow river valleys and down precarious hairpin turns, the road is a spectacular one in early fall. The valleys are bursting with the spectrum of fall New England colors, while the black asphalt roads are speckled with reds and golds as the flurry of leaves float down from the canopy above. I’ve traveled far and wide in the fall time during the past six seasons, but New England remains unrivaled for sheer autumn beauty.

As we coast down the hill into Troy, New York we leave the picturesque two lane road and pick up Interstate 90 to continue our press westward across upstate New York. A few hours later, the Jetta rolls into the construction riddled downtown of Utica for a quick visit to Adirondack Distillery, one of many micro distilleries that has opened in upstate New York in recent years. We take a quick sample of their newly released bourbon, a “young” bourbon aged only four months in miniature five gallon oak casks. Evidently, with the explosion of startup distilleries the newer entrants are having trouble sourcing new oak barrels for aging, as demand for them far exceeds the handful of cooperages left in the U.S. The young bourbon at Adirondack proves a bit on the harsh side, as does the customer service. The countermen are coarse at best, and despite the place being completely empty, they can’t be bothered with the fact that we just drove three hours to pay them a visit. We slug down the samples from cheap plastic cups and leave the surly service behind.

IMG_2165 IMG_2164

Pulling into Syracuse an hour later, we beeline for the iconic Dinosaur BBQ on Willow Street, one of the most infamous cue’ joints in the country. Opened in 1988, the original Willow Street location gave birth to the Dinosaur empire, which now numbers nine full restaurants spread throughout the Northeast and Chicago. While I’m usually leery of BBQ joints of such acclaim, the allure of smoke wafting through the air is too much to resist. We pull up a table in the bar speckled with a few stray, red Louisville shirts, and I order my usual three meat combo of pork ribs, brisket and house made sausage. The food arrives a few minutes later, and, predictably for a big place, it’s decent, but hardly life changing. Brisket is trimmed of all fat and lacks a distinct smoky flavor while the coarse grind sausage has a nice snap to it and breakfasty type spice. The ribs are the star of the plate, with a developed bark and they pull cleanly from the bone with a slight tug. While it may not be up to Texas standards, or even Hometown BBQ in Brooklyn for that matter, for upstate New York, Dinosaur is a solid BBQ joint.

IMG_2169 IMG_2170 IMG_2168

As the sun starts to dip and game time approaches, we make our way up the hill towards the Syracuse Campus for some Friday Night action. Street parking is plentiful around the stadium, once you decipher the deliberately obfuscating signage (parking alternates sides of the street each day), and we make our way towards the beckoning concrete monolith of the Carrier Dome. As one of only four domes that serves as home field for the 128 FBS college football teams (Syracuse, Georgia State, UTSA, Idaho) the huge arena also plays host to Syracuse basketball and lacrosse games, among others. While I generally loathe domes for their banal, sterile environment; the Carrier Dome stays pegged at a comfy 71 degrees and features an impressive array of local beers on tap. With a stated capacity of only 49,262 it’s rather middling for an ACC football program, but when converted to it’s basketball configuration for the powerhouse ‘Cuse team, the 35,446 person capacity routinely sets NCAA basketball attendance records. One quick glance at the plethora of retired basketball jerseys hanging from the rafters, and it’s quickly apparent that this is a place where football plays second fiddle to the hoops program.

IMG_2176 IMG_2178

A few minutes after taking our seats, I’m greeted by my college football doppleganger and host for the evening, Bob. After exchanging emails for the past several years about our shared travels, I finally meet another intrepid college football fanatic in the flesh after he graciously provided a pair of his four season tickets to the game for my father and I. Sporting orange rimmed glasses, a neatly tied Syracuse football necktie and a beard that would be the envy of any Mountain Man, Bob greets me with a hearty handshake after the drive in from his headquarters in Albany. We’re joined by his father Jim, a Syracuse graduate from the class of 1957 who’s been loyally attending Orange games since before the Jim Brown era despite a stint the Air Force during the Korean Conflict.


By day, Bob is a mild mannered New York state government employee and a former librarian; but as the clock winds down on fall Friday afternoons, he transforms into an insatiable college football fanatic. Like myself, Bob doggedly chases college football games all over the country every single weekend, and we’d even (unknowingly) been at a handful of the same contests over the years including the Notre Dame vs Navy game in Dublin, Ireland two years ago. Growing up rooting for Syracuse with his father, and later as a Florida Gator undergraduate, this combo presumably sewed the seeds of Bob’s college football obsession, and he’s even managed to do all of this while staying happily married.

During the game, we swap stories about some of our favorite Saturday haunts and Bob’s list of exploits is impressive. He’s been to over 66 different campuses during the past thirteen seasons of “serious travel” in his words, and has traversed over 42 different states during the pursuit of his goal of seeing a college game in all 49 States (Alaska being the lone exception of college football). While my focus tends to be on some of the larger juggernauts of the sport, Bob has probed deeper into venues both large and small. He’s seen games at every school in the Ivy League for instance, and urges me to add a few of the tiny stadiums to my roster (which I will certainly do at some point).

More than anything, however, watching a game with Bob is a rare opportunity to finally connect with another individual that shares the same unique passion for exploring the world of college football. Before I leave Bob presents me with another gift, his season tickets to our Army contest tomorrow (with parking pass) along with tickets to my upcoming Navy game in mid November. I often speak about some of the great individuals I’ve met along my journey, but they simply don’t come any better than Bob, and I hope we get to hit a few more games together in the future.


For the Orangemen, the game proves a taxing one. While Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino is usually known for his explosive offenses (and motorcycle accidents with female assistants), tonight it’s his defense that stymies Syracuse. The Orangemen are helpless to move the football, managing two meager field goals on the night while dual threat quarterback Terrel Hunt completes only half of is 32 passes and fires a pair of critical interceptions. The ineffective Syracuse offense is further demoralized to the tune of 2 safeties on the night, as the relentless Louisville defense stuffs them into the turf of their own endzone. Comfortably in control for the entire game, Louisville takes a well balanced offensive approach, steadily feeding speedy running back Brandon Ratcliff as he chews up 110 yards on the ground with a pair of touchdowns. While the final 28-6 score may reflect a closer game, the paralyzed Syracuse offense never gave the crowd much to cheer for, and the Orangemen drop to 2-3 on the season. For the orange clad faithful, November 2nd can’t get here soon enough, the first tip of Men’s basketball season…

IMG_2180  IMG_2188 IMG_2189 IMG_2193 IMG_2194IMG_2183

Thank you to Bob and Jim for the incredible hospitality and support over the years. I look forward to crossing paths again in the near future, and safe travels across the land this year Bob!

Special thanks to my father for joining me on this annual adventure, and we’ll get you to another exciting SEC location next season!


Full clickable gallery below.

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Virginia Tech vs Georgia Tech: Hokies basted by the Yellow Jackets…

Im up early on Saturday morning, after staying with good friends in Charlotte for the night it’s an easy two hour drive north up into Blacksburg, Virginia. Streaking through the foothills and into the Appalachian backbone up I-77, I stop for a quick breakfast in the idyllic little downtown of Mount Airy, North Carolina. Mount Airy’s claim to fame is that it was the inspiration for “Mayberry” the famous small town backdrop of the Andy Griffith show and the actors home town. Touristy “Mayberry” decorations hang from the various ice cream and souvenir shops lining the street, and bluegrass music pumps in over a few speakers.

I pull up a table at the landmark Snappy Lunch, an iconic little diner on North Main Street operating since 1923. Wood paneling lines the little interior, and pictures of the Andy Griffith show hang dustily on the walls. I order up their famous pork chop sandwich, a hearty bargain at $4.20, and opt for the loaded version which comes with a full dressing of chili, cole slaw, mustard, onion and tomato. The massive sandwich arrives a few minutes later, wrapped in wax paper with no plates or utensils of any kind. It’s a delightfully greasy yet disastrous affair, as the pork flops out of the flimsy bun on all sides. Within seconds, the grease has all but dissolved the wax paper, and I’m left with a quivering pile of pork, slaw, and garnish smeared onto the table like a toddler. My kind of place…

IMG_2108 IMG_2112

I’m in town for the Virginia Tech game, one of the bigger remaining ACC schools I have yet to see. Quietly one of the most successful programs in the past decade, the Hokies are the 7th winningest program in the country during that time frame – their 107 total wins besting such juggernauts as Alabama, Oregon and Florida State. The mastermind behind that success has been 27 year head coach Frank Beamer. Beamer, known for his specific brand of football known as “Beamer Ball” – an approach which emphasizes special teams play and turnover creation – has amassed 225 wins in his coaching career, and is currently the winningest active coach in the game.

As I pull into Blacksburg, the soaring concrete grandstands of Lane Stadium appear in the distance. Maroon and Orange tents line Southgate Drive, the main drag cutting into campus, and the sidewalks overflow with Hokie fans gearing up for an early noon kickoff. I find free street parking in the residential neighborhoods lining South Main Street, and walk past a few delightfully unruly house parties spilling out of student houses on the way to the stadium. A live band set up in the garage thunders over loudspeakers, while a hundred plus students guzzle morning keg beers from red solo cups. If kickoff wasn’t looming, I’d crash the party for refreshments.

I circle the stadium for a few minutes, wagging a lone finger in the air as I scour the scene for tickets. There are plenty to be had, and I finally settle on a choice seat 20 rows up on the 40 yard line for thirty bucks, about half face value. Minutes later, the Marching Virginians – the Virginia Tech marching band – proceeds by as fans line both sides of Spring Road in a gauntlet. The Marching Virginians are followed by the Highty Tighties, the original Virginia Tech marching band comprised entirely of Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets. As one of only six Senior Military Colleges in the US, Virginia Tech enjoys a strong presence of campus Corps of Cadets, with over 1,000 students participating in military education and drill in addition to their usual course loads. Texas A&M is one of the other six Senior Military Schools, and for those familiar with the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band, it shares many similarities with the Highty Tighties (a name at which I can’t help but chuckle).

IMG_2119 IMG_2115 IMG_2116 IMG_2120
On the field, the Highty Tighties perform a handful of pre game marches before forming a gauntlet on the Northwest endzone as the final few minutes of the pre game clock wind down. Moments later, the crowd jolts to their feet as the first few chords of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” burst over the loudspeakers. Reputed to be among the best entrances in the game, the crowd bounces as the heavy metal classic builds intensity for nearly 45 seconds, the players leaping and whooping in the tunnel. Finally, the intro erupts into Metallica’s signature crushing guitar din as the players bound onto the field, the crowd wailing into a deafening roar. By any measure, it’s one of the better entrances in the game, especially for a mild noon kickoff. I can only imagine the chaos of a night game…


Unfortunately for the Hokies, the game proves a rather challenging one. Despite the roar of the afternoon crowd, Georgia Tech runs their signature triple option attack. The methodical clock grinding of the Yellow Jacket ground attack slows the game down, and the Hokies are never able to pull away. Despite leading for most of the contest, the Hokies cough up three turnovers, stymying their attempts to put Georgia Tech away, and the plucky visitors keep hanging around. Finally, late in the fourth quarter, the game breaks and the battered Hokie defense collapses. Georgia Tech converts on a 31 yard touchdown pass to knot the score at 24 apeice with only two minutes remaining. On first play of the ensuing Virginia Tech drive, quarterback Michael Brewer promptly fires his third interception of the day, and second of the quarter. The Hokie crowd collectively wails in agony, knowing their defense is all but exhausted from three quarters of triple option pounding. After patiently driving 33 yards, Georgia Tech kicker Harrison Butker boots in a chipshot field goal as the clock expires, and the Jackets skate away with a 27-24 win. For a Frank Beamer coached team that prides itself on winning the turnover battle, the three interceptions (two in the fourth quarter) are the difference maker, and the Hokies already have a second blemish on their 2014 record.

IMG_2129 IMG_2130 IMG_2131 IMG_2134 IMG_2139 IMG_2133

After the game, I tour the immaculate Virginia Tech campus. Centered around a sprawling oval drill field, the well manicured lawns are flanked by beautiful bluish gray “Hokie Stone” clad buildings, a distinct limestone native to the area. I pay a visit to the April 16th memorial, a semicircular arrangement of 32 Hokie Stones – each dedicated to the 32 students, staff, and faculty that lost their lives during the tragic campus shooting in 2007. Even for someone with no formal affiliation to the school, the memorial is a sobering one. It’s impossible not to feel emotional when seeing the stones, tributes, and photos of those that perished on that day – and to consider all the possibilities of those lives that were lost. In my world of stadiums, BBQ and beers, it can be easy to lose sight of that which is truly important in the world. But if there is a positive to be taken away from something as solemn as the April 16th memorial at Virginia Tech, it’s that it forces a rare moment of introspection and self reflection for all those who pass by.

IMG_2142 IMG_2145IMG_2144  IMG_2146

Thank you to Suzie and Tim for some great recommendations, most of which I unfortunately didn’t have time to hit. But all the more reason for me to meet you guys back here next year for a full tour of Blacksburg, and a rockin’ night game in Lane Stadium!

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