A new career opportunity has taken me to the great city of St. Louis!!!

Though I am still getting settled here, I wanted to involve some of my readers in the planning process for next year. It is certainly bittersweet leaving my beloved Texas, and all the incredible College Football and Barbecue that the state claims. Though rest assured, I will be back for plenty of visits. However, the city of St. Louis and broader Missouri is no slouch either, and I’m already excited about a completely blank canvas of new venues, teams and BBQ joints to explore.

I already have three games on the schedule for next year, but the rest are still a blank canvas and I’m looking for suggestions from my new location.

2011 Proposed Schedule
October 15th: Tennessee (LSU)
October 22nd: Notre Dame (USC)
November 26th: Auburn (Alabama)

As such, I would love to hear from some folks out there about ideas, schools and teams for next year. Geographically, within a six hour radius, St. Louis offers access to three big conferences: The Big 12, The Big Ten and the SEC along with a handful of other schools. I want to hear from you!

So please email or comment on this post with your suggestions on interesting places for the Pigskin Pursuit to head next year!

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