Typically, I wouldn’t write about a simple diner that we stopped for an unassuming and straightforward breakfast, unless of course there was something legendary about their bacon

Dwyer’s café in Lafayette blindsided me, however, with a breakfast innovation previously unknown to me, this time in the world of Syrup.As a hearty New England boy, and having worked for a Maple Sugar operation for over a decade, you might say I have some rather strong and provincial opinions about syrup.Maple syrup specifically, and I stubbornly refuse to let anything other than 100% pure Massachusetts Maple Syrup adorn my breakfast plate.

Sunday morning was a rare exception.After we ordered a couple of unique pancake offerings, buckwheat and sweet potato pancakes, we noticed an unfamiliar offering on the menu: 100% pure Sugar Cane Syrup

Cane Syrup, is of course made from the juices of sugar cane and a quintessential Louisiana delicacy that you likely won’t find anywhere else.The flavor was quite unique, there was the requisite sweetness that you would expect, but there was a surprising peppery/cinnamonish aftertaste to the syrup that actually gave it a little bit of “bite” at the finish.The spicy sweetness paired extremely well with the sweet potato pancakes. (The smoked sausage pictured was no slouch either).

While it won’t displace my hometown affection for Maple Syrup, Sugar Cane Syrup is a classic treat unique to the sugar cane growing southern states.We were delighted to find such a simple, old fashioned regional delicacy with authentic Louisiana heritage.Try some!

Looks like you can order some cane syrup here:


Or read a more in depth article about it here:


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