Sunday morning the drive home brought us back to Breaux Bridge, though evidently the town is also referred to as Pont Breaux, famous of course for being the crawfish capital of the world. After passing back over the eerie thirty mile stretch of elevated highway bisecting the Atchafalaya Basin (the largest swamp in the United States), we arrived in downtown Breaux Bridge with eager appetites. Café De Amis was on the agenda this morning, as they are well known for dishing out uniquely Cajun breakfast fare.


We promptly ordered up a round of beignets for the table, which, for my sheltered northeast readers, are small balls of fried dough dusted with powdered sugar. I only wish they had some cane syrup to pair with them. While I tend to be a breakfast traditionalist most of the time, it’s not often that I see Eggs Begnaud on the menu (okay I’ll confess I’ve never seen Eggs Benaud in my life before) so I figured it was an appropriate time to embrace my inner Louisiane’. Eggs Begnaud, as I learned, is a grilled biscuit with scrambled eggs smothered with crawfish au gratin. This was a delicious departure from traditional biscuits and gravy, and the silky crawfish gravy was the perfect morning indulgence. The meal was finished off with an order of andouille cheese grits on the side, which were absolutely divine and the unanimous favorite of our discerning table.


Café De Amis is certainly worth a stop if you’re passing through Breaux Bridge with a morning hankering for some comforting Cajun food.

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