The Wisconsin vs. MichiganState game was one of those elusive perfect days of college football.There are few places more sublime than spending a beautifully sunny fall day in Madison, Wisconsin at the end of September.Madison is a quintessential college town, and arguably one of the preeminent destinations for a complete college football Saturday.We filed into CampRandall stadium to witness a classic Big 10 matchup featuring two perennial hard nosed powerhouses.

The game itself lived up to all the hard hitting action that you would come to expect from a couple of Big Ten squads.The Badgers struck first, but the remainder of the game was a see-saw battle that turned into a bit of an unexpected shootout.Scott Tolzien, the newly anointed Badger QB, threw for four touchdowns amidst an unusual Wisconsin air attack.Of course, stud sophomore running back John Clay still rumbled for 142 yards and a touchdown as the Badgers predictably dominated on the ground and chewed through clock well into the 4th quarter.This bone crushing, smashmouth running game is the hallmark of Wisconsin Football, and it’s a derisive pleasure to watch them break an opponents spirit 5 yards at a time.

Despite two cheap TD’s by MichiganState late in the 4th, the Badgers walked away with a convincing win.

Final Score Wisconsin 38 – Michigan State 30.

As if an exceptional game from the confines of the Badger student section wasn’t enough, Mindy also managed to get us a few minutes on the field during the 3rd quarter as well.This was my first time ever being on the sideline during a game, and it was an incredible experience to be up close and personal with all the action.It’s tough to get a feeling for the sheer speed of a Division 1 football game when watching from the stands or on TV.Standing on the sideline for a handful of plays, allows one to appropriately register what truly remarkable athletes are on field every week.Unforgettable.

Thanks to: Kenny for the on-field experience and post-game festivities.

Special thanks to Jason, Kellie and Kellie’s family for hosting us the entire weekend including a best-in-class tailgate with the 2009 Port-o-Potty World Tour Crew.

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