Louis Mueller Barbecue had eluded my appetite for some time now.Considered the #5 barbecue establishment in the state, it was the only one of those top five that I had yet to conquer thus far.I assured myself that on our next trip down South, things would be different and a detour in Taylor, Texas would be arranged.

After a grumbly 7am start, we arrived at Louis shortly after ten in the morning just as they were cracking open the front doors for business.Though like any smokehouse worth their salt, at that time of morning the pit masters have already been at it for about ten hours, and are well into their second shift.We even heard an early anecdote of a local connoisseur coming in to pick up five whole briskets for their Notre Dame tailgate down in San Antonio (about 2 hours away).I must say this fellow must have had impeccable taste in both BBQ and collegiate football affiliation.
We promised ourselves that this would be a modest meal, given that we were meeting Bryce & crew at Kreuz Market in an hour or so, and wanted to save adequate stomach space for both rounds of barbecue.After a quick glance at the enticing menu, however, we proceeded to quickly bite off way more than we could chew.In addition to the usual suspects of brisket, pork ribs and sausage we added in a beef rib and half a chicken to boot.

The brisket and ribs were both cooked to perfection, and complemented by a peppery rub that accented the smoky flavor of the meat quite well.The jalapeno sausage was a bit disappointing, despite receiving rave compliments from the discerning taste buds of Bryce the night before.I’m not sure if the sausage just needed more time to bathe in the smoker, but it just didn’t seem thoroughly finished on this morning. The beef rib, which could aptly be described as a Flinstone sized slab of meat on bone, came with mixed reviews, but given its size is worth ordering as a spectacle alone.Finally, the enormous half chicken was smoked to perfection.I don’t normally get too excited about poultry offerings, but we knew we were in for a treat when, after a gentle tug on the leg bone, it effortlessly slid out cleanly, leaving a neat pile of tender meat behind.

The interior of Louis Muellers is a sight to behold, as the creaky wood floors and smoke charred walls reveal a rich history dating back to 1949.They certainly aren’t newcomers to the BBQ game.The staff at Louis Mueller is equally as friendly as the warm interior.We were warmly greeted at the counter by Mitchell, one of the proprietors of the place, where he arranged for a personal tour of the smokers by the pitmaster.We gleefully took up this offer to get a peek under the tent at what goes into smoking first class BBQ.

Next time you are driving down to Austin, detour your way through Taylor, Texas and pop into Louis Mueller’s for a bite.Your taste buds will thank you.

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