Below is the email that was sent out to friends interested in coming to the Texas Tech weekend.

Esteemed colleagues and friends,

If you are reading this, it’s because you have either expressed direct interest, been reluctantly volunteered by a friend, mistakenly thought you signed up for a ballroom dancing class, or your passive aggressive half interest has caught my eye and I added you anyway. Regardless, you have found yourself on the distribution list for the great College Football Tour of 2009. If you want off this list, kindly drop me an email, and I will be sure to ridicule you in future communications. If you want to add people or forward this along, let me know and I will add them to the elite ranks of this distinguished roster.

We have already had two stops thus far this year, to arguably the two greatest college towns in the nation: Austin, Texas and Madison, Wisconsin. And I might add that to date the CFB Tour is 2-0. My liver still remains winless.

This week, our tour of the capital cities ends, however, as we venture to the panhandle paradise of Lubbock, Texas home to the world famous Buddy Holly Museum.

This Saturday (Oct 3rd) at 2:30pm the Red Raiders of Texas Tech will be taking on the formidable Lobos of the University of New Mexico. But that’s only one piece of the trip.

Before that, on Friday night, we will be venturing to Odessa, Texas. You might say there is no godly reason why anybody would ever want to go to Odessa, Texas – and you would probably be right.

Unless, however, you wanted to see one of the most infamous high school football teams in the country. The Permian Panthers will be taking on their cross-town rival Odessa High Bronchos (no that is not a typo – evidently there is an “H” in Bronchos) in a quintessential “Friday Night Lights” spectacle in front of nearly 19,500 people. For those of you unaware, Permian was the high school for which the book, then made movie, then made TV show”Friday Night Lights” was based off. Ratliff Stadium is one of the biggest high school stadiums in the state, and you can check out exactly what “Mojo” means to Permian football below.

Of course the centerpiece of the trip will be the Texas Tech game against New Mexico, which starts at 2:30PM. Saturday morning we will promptly head up to Texas Tech to check out the greater Lubbock area, campus, and perhaps a few dining/drinking establishments before heading into the game for kickoff at 2:30.

If you were wondering about tickets, no I don’t have them yet because Stubhub is for chumps. I like to get my tickets the old fashioned way, haggling on the street like a Turkish carpet trader. Or man-crying on the sidewalk until someone takes pity on me.

As far as dining is concerned, as you know, I am rather partial to two things: epic BBQ served without utensils, or belt busting gut bombs that would make Kobayashi cringe.

In this case it looks like Spanky’s in Lubbock would fit the bill, and I already have my lustful eyes on this little treat: The “He-Man Woman Hater Burger” which according to the website is “What we’re famous for: a colossal, double-meat, bacon cheeseburger served with about 3/4 pound of fries”. Skeletor doesn’t stand a chance.

For those of you that thumb your nose at such proletarian tastes, not to worry there is some culture on this trip as well. As I’m sure you were already aware, there is a rather famous architectural landmark in Lubbock known as the “Steel House” by the late sculptor/artist Robert Bruno. This is a house fabricated from steel plates that he personally constructed for nearly 30 years of his life, and represents a lifetime of expertise in steel construction, fabrication and welding (not to mention purportedly tips the scales at a hefty 110 tons). While you may find the shape of the dwelling rather odd (and it is), it is nevertheless a rather remarkable structure, and quite striking against the backdrop of rugged Ransom Canyon.

Here is the tentative game plan for those of you looking for a spontaneous trip through West Texas this weekend.


1pm – Leave Jamin’s House

6:30pm – Arrive in Odessa, TX

7:30pm – Permian vs. Odessa High School Football Game

10:30pm – Explore the wild nightlife of Midland, TX. (We will be staying in Midland).


9AM – Depart from Midland

11AM – Arrive in Lubbock

2:30PM – Texas Tech vs. New Mexico

6PM – Depart from Lubbock

12AM – Arrive back in Dallas


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